Sunday, February 12, 2006

Cheney Misses Bird...

Responding to a pelting of media questions about the weekend's bizarre hunting accident, Cheney growled, “Any blasphemous cartoons on this private topic will be seen as siding with the terrorists. What happens in Texas stays in Texas!

Warning: This page may contain satire. Please don't let it scare you.


James E. Martin said...

I added you as an endorsment on Raising Kaine, do you know any other VA Progressive Blogs for Webb or Miller?

F.T. Rea said...

nova democrat: No, I really don’t know much more about any Virginia blogs’ leanings than what I’m picking up from the Lefty Blogs.

As far as using the word “endorsement,” goes that’s not exactly how I would characterize my support of James Webb at this point. Don't get me wrong, I’ve liked his style for a long time, so I’m delighted he’s in the race. Furthermore, I think Webb could prove to be a tonic for the Democrats in Virginia. Whether, in the long run, he will also be a good candidate remains to be seen. So, I’m looking forward to how he will stand, and justify his stand, on a range of issues.

However, “endorsement,” for a blog, still sounds a little too wannabe to me. That’s a tone quite evident in much of what I read in/on the so-called blogosphere. Borrowing the word endorsement from the traditional press reveals a telling need-to-be-noticed, and it simply lacks imagination. Bloggers should invent a new word for their spontaneous acts of jumping on a candidate’s bandwagon via the Internet. And, that’s what this momentum for Webb really is.

Let’s face it. Democrats want a winner and Webb has that aura, for now. Still, much of this early support is coming from folks who hardly know James Webb, optimists who are making a leap of faith. One bump in the road and half of them could jump onto another bandwagon in a heartbeat.

The mission of my commentary, at SLANTblog and elsewhere, is to entertain and hopefully provoke thought. But I want to do more than preach-to-the-choir, which is fine for others to do. It’s just not my style, which no doubt leans toward being too maverick for some. And, I appreciate your interest in my opinion, whatever you choose to call it.