Monday, November 10, 2003

A Display That Diminishes Us

Tony Horwitz gives us a glimpse of how America might look to those outside of the 9/11-obsessed USA.

"...The 'real America,' I've insisted a thousand or so times -- in Arab souks, in Russian villages, in Australian pubs, in letters to the editors of foreign papers -- isn't the mindless, jingoistic, Humvee caricature of a culture that's frequently presented in the foreign media, or in the crassest exports of Hollywood and Madison Avenue. It's a vibrant, varied, open and warm society. Come visit and you'll see for yourself!

"I still believe this, but few outside America will if we continue to present ourselves, in even the most innocuous settings, as a militarized and self-absorbed people who are in a state of perpetual siege [due to 9/11]."

Read the Washington Post OpEd piece.

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