Sunday, September 07, 2003

From Swagger to Stagger

Anticipating Bush’s address to the nation, on television tonight, Maureen Dowd underlines the snowballing problems for the president. Was he conned into all the bad moves he’s made by those fork-tongued neocons? Now that he’s crawling back to the United Nations, poor Dubya is getting flak from the right, as well as the left.

Meanwhile, Maureen muses: “…Does Mr. Bush ever wonder if the neocons duped him and hijacked his foreign policy? Some Middle East experts think some of the neocons painted a rosy picture for the president of Arab states blossoming with democracy when they really knew this could not be accomplished so easily; they may have cynically suspected that it was far more likely that the Middle East would fall into chaos and end up back in its pre-Ottoman Empire state, Balkanized into a tapestry of rival fiefs -- based on tribal and ethnic identities, with no central government -- so busy fighting each other that they would be no threat to us, or Israel.”

To read the whole piece click here.

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