Monday, March 26, 2007

Limbaugh, King and Sabato

Here are three new offerings in the SLANTblog Art Auction. The Rush Limbaugh above and the Larry King below are from the same 1994 Campaign Inkbites series as mentioned in previous posts. The Larry Sabato below is from the Splattergate series of cards I published in 1998 on the Clinton/Lewinsky scandal.Bidding on Limbaugh and King starts at $45.00 for either piece. And, you can buy the original artwork for Sabato’s card for just $36.00 if no one outbids you.
The Art Auction has already presented 11 pieces of original art, all done by your narrator. Click on the images to enlarge any of them. To see the drawing of the Fab Four in ‘94 -- Robb, Wilder, North & Marshall -- which was one frame of a series of cards published that year, click here. To see individual portraits of Vance Wilkins, Jim Webb or George Allen, click here. To see the others click here and here.

Note: All the art being offered in this online experiment is the original work. They are not prints. The material is being offered in this oddball fashion because -- as it is now -- all this stuff is just sitting in boxes, and I don’t have the time or money to frame it to put it in a show in a gallery, months from now, where the prices would be much higher but the gallery would take a healthy cut. For what it is worth, the last thing similar to what is in this auction that sold in an art gallery went for $190, unframed. (It was a caricature of George Bush in a cowboy hat that sold promptly at the opening -- it was a group show -- a couple of years ago.)
  • Bids and serious inquires should be sent via email to Please put "Art Auction" in the subject line so I won't miss it.

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