Monday, March 05, 2007

VA Top Five

Virginia Top Five

It’s not easy to pick between Virginia and Va. Tech. Although Tech has the better RPI at the moment, Virginia won their most recent match-up and stands higher in the ACC.

Virginia (20-9, 11-5 in ACC); RPI: No. 43
Va. Tech (20-10, 10-6 in ACC); RPI: No. 31
VCU (26-6, 16-2 in CAA, 2-0 in postseason); RPI: No. 50
ODU (24-8, 15-3 in CAA, 1-1 in postseason); RPI: No. 37
George Mason (18-14, 9-9 in CAA, 3-0 in postseason), RPI: No. 115

The RPI numbers cited come from RealTime RPI.


Ghost of A.L. Philpott said...

Had UVa played UNC and/or Boston College twice, perhaps they wouldn't be sitting higher in the ACC ;)

F.T. Rea said...


No doubt. I'm not much of a fan of the super-sized conferences that force the unbalanced schedules of the ACC, CAA, Big East, etc.

At this point Virginia and Tech seem about even, to me, but Top Fives and Top 25s won't matter much in a few more days. So, we'll see.

Ghost of A.L. Philpott said...

Should be a great tourny this weekend! I'm just hoping we can renew our rivalry on neutral court....