Thursday, March 22, 2007

Art Auction, 2nd post

This is the second post in what will be a series of posts on the SLANTblog Art Auction. Basically, what’s happening is that I’m experimenting with selling original art for ‘toons and caricatures using this blog. For more on this concept and to see the first three pieces which are in the auction -- Tim Kaine (2005), George Bush (2000) and Doug Wilder (1994) -- click here.

Below is the next batch of art for sale. Comments are welcome. The bidding will be done through emails to me. Click on the pictures to enlarge them. I’ll be posting others soon. Stay tuned...
The caricature of Jerry Kilgore above appeared in SLANT and at SLANTblog in 2005. The bidding for the original artwork starts at $36.00.

This was the last frame of a five-and-a-half page cartoon feature for STYLE Weekly in October of 1994. It was on the lively Ollie North/Chuck Robb/Marshall Coleman/Doug Wilder race for the US Senate. At the time, due in greatest part to North’s huge war chest, this race set a new standard for combined spending on a Senate campaign. The bidding starts at $54.00.

The cartoon above comments on an incident that played a significant role in turning control of the U.S. Senate over to the Democrats. It has appeared at SLANTblog and is available on a T-shirt by clicking here. The bidding for the original artwork starts at $63.00.

This caricature of Jim Webb was the first of three I did of him for SLANTblog’s coverage of the Senate race last year. Now you can own it. The bidding for the original artwork starts at $54.00.
  • Bids and serious inquires should be sent via email to Please put “Art Auction” in the subject line so I won’t miss it.

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