Tuesday, March 20, 2007

The Bounce on VCU hoops

Today’s sports column at Richmond.com, The Bounce, looks at VCU’s run in the NCAA tournament and the hot-property future of its sought-after head coach, Anthony Grant.

“...Today is Day One of what will be the Grant Watch. VCU Athletic Director Norwood Teague has already indicated that Grant’s contract deserves to be sweetened. And, he said that before this past weekend’s heroics. Before Michigan fired its head coach Tommy Amaker, too. And, soon there will other big-name school with openings. No doubt, Grant’s name is going to be high on several athletic directors’ lists of coaches to try to lure away from their current jobs by waving large sums of money at them -- more numbers.

“No one should be surprised if Grant decides to talk with one or more of those hungry-to-win athletic directors. Nor should they be surprised if Teague’s boss, VCU President Eugene Trani -- a can-do guy, if ever there was one -- comes up with enough incentive, in whatever form, for Grant to decide to stay. Grant inherited this season’s players from Jeff Capel, who left a year ago to coach at Oklahoma. Next year Grant will have six new players on the roster he recruited, including four high school stars from his home state of Florida.”

Click here to read the whole piece at Richmond.com.

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