Thursday, March 01, 2007

CAA All-Star Team

SLANTblog first-team selection Eric Maynor
(at the 2006 CAA tournament in the Richmond Coliseum)
The Colonial Athletic Association’s annual pre-tournament banquet is tonight and the official All-CAA team will be announced there. Likewise, the Coach of the Year award will also be made public. Thus, it’s time for SLANTblog to announce its own All-CAA team, before I can be influenced by what comes out tonight.

My choice for Coach of the Year is easy. In his first year in the role of a Division I head coach Anthony Grant led his VCU players to a first-place finish in the league (16-2). No CAA team has won as many as 16 games in a regular season before. Grant should win the league’s coaching award unanimously.

All-Star First Team
Frank Elegar, 6-8 junior center (Drexel)
Eric Maynor, 6-2 sophomore guard (VCU)
Gary Neal, 6-4 senior guard (Towson)
Loren Stokes, 6-3 senior guard (Hofstra)
Valdas Vasylius, 6-7 senior forward (ODU)

All-Star Second Team
Antoine Agudio, 6-3 junior guard (Hofstra)
Herb Courtney, 6-7 junior foward (Delaware)
Bennet Davis, 6-9 senior forward Northeastern)
Jesse Pellot-Rosa, 6-4 senior g/f (VCU)
Will Thomas, 6-7 junior forward (Mason)
B.A. Walker, 6-3 senior guard (VCU)
Drew Williamson, 6-0 senior guard (ODU)

Player of the Year
Towson's Gary Neal, whose stats include: 25.6 points per game; 4.1 rebounds per game; 3.6 assists per game; 1.4 steals per game; 83.6 percent of free throws

Photo: SLANT


Dannyboy said...

Come on, Gary Neal for PotY? Please! Maynor should've won it. I wouldn't have been upset if Vasylius, either. But Neal? Maynor was the key player on the team that one the regular season. Val was pretty damn dominant on both offense and defense for ODU, the second place team. A key player for that team.

Don't get me wrong, Neal's a hell of a shooter. But shooting is only one part of basketball.

F.T. Rea said...


A lot of people probably see Neal as a scorer only. Take the time to click on the CAA link in my post and go to the CAA season stats. Neal shows up among the top players for assists, steals, and other categories.

To me it was between Neal and Stokes. I almost went with Stokes, but then I realized I was leaning his way because he has been a four-year player, which really shouldn't matter in a player-of-the-YEAR contest. Plus, Neal is No. 4 in the nation in scoring.

By the way, I'd put Vasylius at third in that contest.