Wednesday, March 07, 2007

Wheels and words, ride together

No doubt, traveling is broadening, whether one moves across the landscape literally, or within the mind, via literature. So, why not cobble the two concepts together by pushing wheels and words, bikes and books?

At least that’s how bicycle aficionado Shelley Briggs, and bookstore owner Ward Tefft apparently see it, according to a story -- “Mo’Books Mo’Bikes bus touts reading and riding” -- penned by Lindsay Kastner for the Richmond Times-Dispatch.

Tired of news about violence? Tired of reading about official malfeasance and celebrity shenanigans? Here’s a good news story about two gentle Richmonders who aren’t waiting for somebody else to put things right.

“...Meanwhile, Briggs was looking for a way to take her bicycle philanthropy on the road. She decided to buy an old school bus, stock it with bikes and bike parts and drive around town, dispensing free repairs -- and the occasional complete ride.

“Tefft got on board and the Mo'Books Mo'Bikes Mobile was born.

“‘Both books and bikes are really liberating as far as education and transportation,’ Briggs said.

“What’s more, distributing them out of an old bus is a lot cheaper than paying rent on another store.”

Click here to read the whole story.

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