Monday, April 03, 2006

What Hans Blix says about Iran

Daily Kos has a brief story (with links) on the war drums that are sounding over Iran’s bomb program.

Remember Hans Blix, the guy who told us before the invasion of Iraq that he had looked hard and couldn’t find the Weapons of Mass Destruction that George Bush said had to be there? Remember how his warnings were blown off by Bush's war mongers? With war drums sounding again, on WMDs in another country from Bush's Evil Axis list, what does Mr. Blix say about the nature of Iran’s current nuclear threat?

"'We have time on our side in this case. Iran can't have a bomb ready in the next five years,' Blix was quoted as saying. Blix, also a former head of the International Atomic Energy Agency, urged the United States to take its time, as it is doing in a similar nuclear standoff with North Korea. 'The U.S. has given itself time and is negotiating with North Korea, while Iran got a very short deadline.'"

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Alice said...

We've been trying to provoke a war for over a year now. There was a great Defense News article on this back in 2004, but they put it behind their pay wall.