Friday, April 28, 2006

Harvey 50th Well Done

The Bryan Harvey 50th birthday party at Plan 9 was exactly what I thought/hoped it would be. It was absolutely upbeat, even light-hearted. If there was any weeping, well, I missed it. Good. One more sign that life really does go on, no matter what.
Still, remembering is important. Tonight, it was music that was remembered, and presented well by Bryan's longtime friends, who happen to be top shelf musicians. I needed to go to this oddly sweet happening tonight, staged to spotlight the Bryan Harvey CD. I needed to see that crowd back on its feet, after having been shattered by the events of the first week of 2006. It did me good to be there, and I'm sure others felt the same way.

Soon, I'll write more about this event, including captions for the pix. There'll be an update on fundraising activities for the memorial fund for the Harvey family, too. For now, 'nuff said, here are SLANT's photos...

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