Tuesday, April 11, 2006

Collection of Harvey's Music Issued

On the new Bryan Harvey memorial CD Pete Humes writes for the Richmond Times-Dispatch:

"Songs written and performed by House of Freaks, his successful collaboration with Johnny Hott, make up more than half of the compilation. The Hawaiian-themed side project Poi Boi and funk cover band NRG Krysys are represented with one track each. Bandmates, friends and family came together to assemble the album. Gary Stewart, an executive at Rhino Records in Los Angeles, collected the tracks and donated his time to produce it.

"'Remember Me Well' is available at Plan 9 Music in Carytown, with all proceeds going to the Bryan and Kathryn Harvey Memorial Endowment. The fund, established by a committee of family and friends, was created to support music and arts in the Richmond area.

"For anyone familiar with Harvey's catalog, 'Remember Me Well' plays like a 1-hour-and-9-minute visit with an old friend. Harvey's songs resonate with passion and energy. Whether it's the peppy,'80s pop of The Dads or the dark, Southern Gothic rock of House of Freaks, his spirit shines through. The 22 songs paint a lively portrait of a musical life -- from the innocence of "Don't Fool Around with Young Girls' Hearts" to the maturity of "Tell Everybody Hello."

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