Monday, April 10, 2006

Webb: 'Pre-emptive war is not American'

Successful author Jim Webb is 60. His books get made into movies. He's got it made. So, why a run for political office now? In this Alexandria Times piece, “Webb seeks return to Democrat roots,” the reasons behind his late-blooming campaign to best rival Harris Miller in the June Democratic primary are explored.

“...Webb speaks with the seriousness and precision of a man who has spent his life in and around the military. Apart from his active duty service, the Naval Academy graduate has advised the House Veterans’ Affairs Committee and served as assistant secretary of Defense and secretary of the Navy under President Reagan, having apprenticed for the latter under now Sen. John Warner (R) in the 1970s.

“‘This doctrine of pre-emptive war is not American,’ he said, returning to Iraq. In their view of how to export ideology, ‘the people who are doing this have more in common with the Soviet Union than they do with the United States.’”

From another angle, here's South of the James' Conaway Haskins on Webb, “When Democrats Attack: Jim Webb, Affirmative Action, and Virginia's 2006 Senate Race

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