Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Voodoo economics and table scraps

Ever since the Reagan administration, we’ve been hearing about how making rich people richer creates jobs. But it’s mostly double talk. As much as Republicans like to say trickle down works, it hasn’t. The Bush tax cuts did not stimulate reinvestment … rich people took the money and ran!

The wealthy in America are paying less in taxes than anytime since the 1950s. Still, we hear they are overtaxed. Now we are hearing, once again, that jobs would flow (trickle?) from further tax cuts for billionaires and large corporations that already pay their executives obscene bonuses. Oil companies can't do business without their special tax breaks.

Sorry, Eric Cantor, I still don’t believe voodoo economics have ever helped to enrich the middle class.

If taxes for capital gains and corporations are cut/loopholes protected, I say the tasty windfall will be gobbled up like a feast by billionaires, once again. The servants in the mansion, busy wannabe millionaires who are glad to have jobs, will divvy up the scraps that fall from the billionaires’ table.

Outside the mansion in the cold, with its nose pressed against the windows, the shriveling middle class will be left to swallow more diet pills, to ignore its growling stomach.
It's best hope will be that some of those scraps make it to the garbage can.

Haven’t we all seen this movie before?

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