Thursday, July 21, 2011

Gang of Saboteurs

If the Senate’s Gang of Six can break the logjam, it will split the House Republicans. In order to pass anything in the House, to stave off default, sane Republicans will have to split away from Tea Party Republicans and join with Democrats.

Such a scenario would suggest that the Tea Party’s strategy to starve the beast has peaked and accomplished all it can. It would mean that their nefarious plan to tank America’s economy failed and it would make it all look like it was just a stunt.

Having lost the fight and faced with an unhappy future in which they will probably have less sway in the Republican Party, what would the most devout Tea Party hardheads do next?

How many readers think some of the most devious members of the Republicans' Tea Party caucus -- the Gang of Saboteurs -- intended all along to grow their movement inside the GOP, then stage a walk-out over an issue just like this one?

Would Rep. Eric Cantor take a walk on the wild side and throw in with the Gang of Saboteurs, or would he stick with his party's establishment and finally eat his peas? Click here for a clue.

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