Saturday, July 30, 2011

Last call for Round-Earth Republicans

Before they sign on to forcing the president to use the 14th Amendment solution, as espoused by Richmond's Garrett Epps, Round-Earth Republicans should immediately swear off the Tea Party's lime-flavored Kool-Aid. Maybe they can dry out in time.

Please! Put the glass down ... put the glass down.

Seems to me, it's now obvious that determined elements of the GOP's Tea Party caucus have been wanting all along to force Obama to use the 14th Amendment's, Section 4 language about the national debt. They've been reading about and believing in the inevitability of the president having to invoke the Epps option for months, if not longer.


My guess is their end-game is all about dogging Obama with impeachment, after he moves in an unprecedented way to stave off default and chaos. They have convinced themselves that sort of noise will hurt Obama in his reelection bid, whether or not he is ever really impeached, or convicted.
They think the post-doomsday American voters will mostly blame the president for whatever vexations flow from this scenario.

Of course, the Flat-Earth Republicans will tell you their nefarious caper is all about creating jobs and making children happier and pure-bred patriotism.


Here are some responsible conservative voices who have felt moved to weigh in:

"The Tea Fragger Party" by
Kathleen Parker:
“These people [Tea Party Republicans] wouldn’t recognize a hot fudge sundae if the cherry started talking to them.”
Click here to read the entire piece by Parker.

"The Debt Plan the Republicans Need to Pass" by
Charles Krauthhammer:
“…trying to force the issue — turn a blocking minority into a governing authority — is not just counter-constitutional in spirit but self-destructive in practice.”
Click here to read the entire piece by

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