Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Cantor's practiced sneer

Dana Milbank zeros in on Rep. Eric Cantor’s practiced trademark sneer (as depicted above).
Cantor swung his arm over his chair back and raised his upper lip. “I think behind this notion of ‘We want shared sacrifice’ that they continue to say means, ‘We want to raise taxes,’” he said.
Click here to read Milbank’s entire piece in the Washington Post.

If I am put in charge of Obama's reelection campaign, tomorrow, I hope Eric Cantor's effort to torpedo John Boehner works. Yes, I want Cantor to be the sneering face of House Republicans.

Illustration by F.T. Rea

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Bruce said...

I was thinking that I wished I had programing skills so I could develop a website called "Kick Cantor's Ass." Instead of writing letters of indignation, everybody could place a big bootmark on his ass. Then we could send it to him as a petition. Put a man on that, would you?