Tuesday, October 07, 2008

Obama coasts to debate win

In the second presidential debate the fading McCain needed a game-changer. He didn't get it.

Obama was more presidential; his unflappable steadiness looked good.

McCain didn't have answers that fit the reality of today; he seemed like a time refugee.

Obama's momentum is easy to feel. McCain's lack of it is impossible to ignore.

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Scott said...

When the LWV [League of Women Voters] ceded authority over the debates in 1988, it called the growing Democratic-Republican domination of the debates “a fraud on the American voter.”

Americans have a special justification now for insisting on the inclusion of Cynthia McKinney, independent Ralph Nader, Libertarian nominee Bob Barr, and the Constitution Party’s Chuck Baldwin, all of whom will be on the ballot in a majority of states. The proposed bailout has placed the loyalties of our political leaders in bold relief. The leaders of the Democratic and Republican parties, including Barack Obama and John McCain, have joined the Bush Administration and Wall Street cronies in support of a scheme allowing the greatest transfer of wealth from taxpayers to financial corporations in US history.

Opposing the $700 billion bailout legislation are some progressive Democrats, some traditionally conservative Republicans (those who object to taxpayer-funded corporate handouts), most of the American public, and the alternative party candidates. Neither the Obama nor the McCain campaign represent anti-bailout voters.