Tuesday, October 07, 2008

Mayoral candidates smile and talk points

Yesterday, the five guys who will be on the ballot in Richmond, running for mayor, appeared at St. Catherine's School to answer questions from students. My coverage of the forum staged in Richmond's tony Near West End is at Richmond.com.
Asked about regional mass transportation, Robert J. Grey, Jr., claimed the counties will participate if we first "clean up City Hall." Councilman William J. "Bill" Pantele said he is "passionate about the issue."

Goldman summed up with, "Somebody’s got to pay for it, and right now there’s no money."

How would the five who would be mayor bring middle class families back into the city?

Jones said, "Improve the educational system."

Pantele disagreed with the premise of the question, "Richmond’s population has been growing."

That, while
Lawrence E. Williams talked about Arthur Ashe when he was a child. Then Williams added, "The baseball diamond will someday be Short Pump Central."

With no follow-ups allowed, those in the room who were slightly confused by that answer were left to wonder what Williams meant.

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Click here to read Lisa Crutchfield's reportage for the Richmond Times-Dispatch and to see a video with clips of the forum.

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