Friday, October 31, 2008

Goldman, Grey and the VAPAF sunlight issue

There's a lively conversation going on at the Fan District Hub, a community news web site/neighborhood blog that I publish. It started with a couple of cracks I made to set up a link to the Back Page piece that Bill Farrar wrote for STYLE Weekly about Paul Goldman.

Now it has evolved into other areas.

School Board member Carol Wolf has weighed in. Save Richmond's publisher Don Harrison has commented. Naturally, Oregon Hill's publisher Scott Burger couldn't just lurk and keep his opinion to himself. Robert Grey's campaign manager Lisa Fulton has been heard from.

And, of course, just for kicks, the crackpot element has had its say... click here to see what fun some local political junkies are having four days before the election.

Update: My mistake of misspelling Scott Burger's name has been corrected in my post but not in my comment to anonymous. Sorry Scott. Thanks Don.


Anonymous said...

Yeah, who does that Scott Burton guy think he is, always expressing his opinion? He's worse than that Scott Bass guy.

Everybody sounds like crackpots, with their fancy calls for accountability! And to think, it all started with your column...

F.T. Rea said...


What the blogosphere needs is more concerned citizens who take an interest in their neighborhoods, and who sign their real names to their posts, like Scott Burton.

Don said...

Do you all mean Scott Burger? Or did I miss some posts by someone?

F.T. Rea said...