Tuesday, October 07, 2008

Another dose of Bopst

The new Bopst Show, Episode No. 25, is here.

From Chris Bopst's MySpace Page, here is this week's play list:
The Bopst Show: “Hustler of Culture”

Podcast 25
Posted 10/06/08
Track Listing:

Sarah Palin on Katie Couric
Public Enemy: “Welcome to the Terrordome”
Tom Waits: “In the Colosseum”
Sarah Palin on Katie Couric
Les McCann & Eddie Harris: “Compared to What”
Negativland: “Time Zones”
The Eat: “Communist Radio”
The Might Diamonds: “Danger In Your Eyes”
Mel Brooks: “The Inquisition”
The Lefties Soul Connection: “Chop It”
The Fabulous Entourage: “The Way That It All Began”
Monotonix: “Summers & Autumns”
Charles Mingus: “Fabubus Fables”

Bopst Show Request Line: (804) 767-2550.

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