Friday, October 17, 2008

La Jetée

"La Jetée" is one of my favorite films, long or short. It uses a technique with still photos that gives it an eerie lost-in-time quality that is haunting.

Made by Chris Marker in 1962, it is just 28 minutes long. My first viewing of "La Jetée" was at the Biograph Theatre, in my initial year as its manager (1972). It was a popular art house film and we played it several more times while I was there.

Now, through the magic of YouTube, you can watch the entire film. Its pace is slow and the story is a little creepy at times, so don't try to watch it too late in the day/night. And, remember, it's just a story, don't let it blow your mind too much.

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Norman Bringsjord said...

After seeing La jetée in 1969, I began to persue the idea of producing a cinematic experience with still photographs. The complete presentation can be seen at this website.
I lived in DC during the '70s and enjoyed going to the Biograph!