Thursday, September 11, 2008

Who's doing the push-polling?

In a report about yesterday's mayoral candidates forum at the posh Bull & Bear Club downtown, Will Jones writes for the Richmond Times-Dispatch:

Speaking to the Metropolitan Richmond Women's Bar Association, Paul Goldman had twice mentioned a recent poll purportedly conducted by the campaign of City Council President William J. Pantele. The poll was the subject of a recent blog post, with the author speculating whether it was a "push poll," a controversial tactic sometimes used to lead voters toward or away from a candidate or an issue.

Goldman, a lawyer and political consultant, challenged Pantele to release the questions and "show us that blog is not right." He added, "We shouldn't be asking personal questions about anybody up here."

Pantele did not respond. After the forum, however, his campaign manager, Craig Bieber, angrily accused Goldman of dirty politics.

At the time, Goldman was telling a Richmond Times-Dispatch reporter that he was not suggesting the poll was a push poll, just asking the question raised by the blog, Read Drink and Be Merry.

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