Wednesday, September 03, 2008

Sarah Pawlenty?

The Republicans are defending her. Democrats are attacking her. The blogosphere is bubbling over. And, until last Friday, Gov. Sarah Palin was mostly an unknown outside of her state of Alaska.

To underline that point click on the YouTube video from last night's Republican convention (it only lasts 11 seconds).

As far as the partisan defenses and attacks have gone, it seems the shamelessness has been spread around pretty evenly. Apparently, Alaska's governor inspires a fierce loyalty, or the opposite, in spite of the fact many of those with the strong feelings know little or nothing about her.

Tonight, Sarah Pawlenty, er, ah, make that Sarah Palin, yes, Palin, will address the convention and a worldwide television audience to introduce herself. With the way this has gone, so far, I suspect her speech will draw a large viewing audience that is curious as all get-out about this 44-year-old woman who wants to be our next vice president.

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