Thursday, September 25, 2008

Calling all blogger endorsements for mayor

The first time I was asked if SLANTblog was endorsing a candidate I laughed. That was three or for years ago. I don't remember which race it was. But it struck me as funny that someone -- a partisan blogger -- was gathering a list of blogs that had endorsed his candidate.

Newspapers endorse, I told the guy. My thinking then was that it was silly to pretend that an endorsement from SLANTblog, or any other blog, would mean anything.

That was then.

Since then much has happened. And, the importance of blogs, political blogs, has grown far beyond what most people would have guessed four years ago.

Now I want to compile a list of local blogger endorsements for Richmond's mayoral race. There are five candidates: Paul Goldman; Robert Grey; Dwight Jones; Bill Pantele; Lawrence Williams.

If you publish a blog that is listed at RVABlogs, including community news blogs, I want to know which of the five candidates you are endorsing.

So, I'll try to watch for endorsement posts, but the best way for me to know about your mayoral preference would be for you to use the comment option for this post. If you prefer, send it to me by email.

Eventually, I'll write a piece on the contest to replace Mayor Doug Wilder that will use the information gathered by this process. By the way, SLANTblog has not endorsed a candidate yet.

Update: To my fellow bloggers, my two main reasons for not endorsing a mayoral candidate are pretty good.

1. So far, I haven't decided which one I will vote for.

2. I'm covering the local elections, including the mayoral race, for So, my effectiveness in that role could be hobbled if I declare that I am backing one of the candidates.


RVA Foodie said...

I'm comfortable sharing who I intend to vote for and why, but somehow I want to stop short of an "endorsement." Does that still count? If so, you can go with my previous "(I think) I'm voting for Dwight Jones for Mayor" post.

F.T. Rea said...

RVA Foodie,

Endorsement is one way of putting it. If that word hangs you up, saying who you are leaning toward is fine.

There's nothing official about what I'm trying to do here.