Sunday, September 14, 2008

Kraftwerk covers

Kraftwerk was one of my favorite bands of the late-'70s/early-'80s time. Their music had both a keen sense of what was a worthwhile riff and a droll sense of humor. Devo, another of my faves of this era, was obviously influenced by Kraftwerk.

This post will offer a few YouTube listens to their music, with early videos that played as short subjects in European movie theaters. Click on the video window above for "Radioactivity." I saw Kraftwerk perform this song and others live at the Warner Theatre in DeeCee. Click on the links below for more of Kraftwerk's music at YouTube:

"The Robots"; "Pocket Calculator"; "Neon Lights"; "Trans-Europe Express".

Then there's the reason for this post. The next link is to Senior Coconut's cover of "Showroom Dummies," originally done by Kraftwerk. Click here for that. And, click here for the same group's South-of-the-Border version of "Neon Lights". This stuff is just fun.

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