Tuesday, May 01, 2007

Webb on Bush veto

From Sen. Jim Webb’s office here is his statement on the Bush veto:

“Congress exercised its constitutional responsibility this week by appropriating more than $100 billion to fully support our troops in Iraq and Afghanistan. Today, the President chose not to cash that check. It is up to him to explain to the American people why.

“We won this war four years ago. The question is when we end the occupation. This bill called for a much-needed shift in our approach to Iraq. The United States military is not going to change the societal makeup of Iraq. And the Malaki government is not going to bring peace among Iraq 's competing factions without the strong, overt, diplomatic cooperation of other countries in this region. And this bill called for just an approach.

“I have always said that we need to support the troops through leadership that is equal to the sacrifices we are asking them to make. It is time for a new approach in Iraq, one that displays smart diplomatic leadership in the region. We must bring this occupation to a proper conclusion that will increase our ability to focus on international terrorism, increase the stability in the region and allow us to focus on our strategic interests elsewhere in the world.”

In spite of the usually clumsy efforts of Webb’s adversaries to paint him as a hothead, he continues to put out measured statements on important topics, such as the one above. His words here calmly present a point of view, but there’s no guff, no malarkey.

Webb continues to make me glad I supported him from the start. And, I am old enough to remember politicians that I supported who proved to be disappointing. So far ... so good.
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