Friday, May 11, 2007

Downtown Boondoggle Quiz at Save Richmond

Don Harrison at Save Richmond is still all over the performing arts center case/soap opera, as today’s post will verify.

“How well do YOU know Richmond’s longest-running downtown boondoggle? Do you have any idea where $8 million dollars in meals tax money went? Care to guess why it cost more than $20 million to tear down a building, leave a gigantic hole and then fill up the hole? Have you any clue where an additional $23 million of your tax dollars will soon be headed?

“Yes, I’m talking to you again.

“And since you appear to be awake, I’m sure you won’t mind taking the following “EZ 2 Love That Ongoing Downtown Boondoggle” quiz in order to find out the depth of YOUR knowledge of such things as squandered operating endowments, rigged performing arts committee meetings, music hall shells, expensive PR events and shuttered, boarded-up historic theaters...”

Click here to read “Take The Quiz: KNOW Your Downtown Boondoggle” and have a few laughs about a sore subject.

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