Friday, May 25, 2007

Now flags at Mexican restaurants bother Goode

After being compared to cartoon chicken Foghorn Leghorn, earlier in the week by Jon Stewart on the Daily Show, Rep. Virgil Goode (R-VA 5th) now says he’s not only against President George Bush’s immigration bill, he is riled -- ah say RILED -- by restaurants in his district that display Mexican flags.

The Richmond Times-Dispatch’s Peter Hardin has the story:

“...And in little towns in his district and across the line in North Carolina, ‘They've got a Mexican flag in these restaurants . . . They’ve got one on Main Street in Rocky Mount!’”

Click here to read Hardin’s piece.

Goode continues to try to appeal to attitudes warmed over from the bad old Byrd Machine days. His tirades of unabashed xenophobia may be funny to Stewart, but his Foghorn Leghorn act is an embarrassment to many, ah say many Virginians.
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Anonymous said...

Personally, I like the giant American flags flown above the Toyota dealerships. . . . that's the proper spirit.