Friday, May 18, 2007

The inevitable? A topless car wash

Perhaps if I’d thought about it, I could have predicted that some day people would pay good money to buy topless or all-nude car washes. Although I didn’t think about it, somebody has. Reuters has the story:

"A nude car wash offering an X-rated sideshow and topless cleaning in Australia's tropical Queensland state has been given the all-clear after police and officials said they were powerless to scrub it.

"The Bubbles 'n' Babes car wash in Brisbane prompted a flood of complaints with a topless car wash for A$55 ($45) and a nude car wash with X-rated lap-dance service for A$100. "If it was approved for a car wash then I can't imagine how we can stop them," Lord Mayor Campbell Newman told a council meeting with worried local lawmakers.

"Professional car washes have boomed in most cities with drought-stricken Australians banned from washing their own cars due to tough water restrictions."

How long before somebody tries to bring this cheeky idea to Richmond? Click here to read the rest of “X-rated nude car wash gets police all-clear.”


Anonymous said...

Too bad prostitution isn't legal. Who wouldn't want a hummer while watching naked chicks scrub their ride?

Anonymous said...

Charleston, SC has had one for years.
Don't know if its still open, but you pulled into a building and young naked women washed your car while you sat in it and enjoyed the view. Actually was only a few more dollars that Car Pool!!

Tim said...

Greensboro (NC) has had one for years as well. At least as far back as the 90s, when I was in grad school.

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