Monday, May 14, 2007


Writer and Fan District resident David M. Poole has penned a tasty little essay that airs out his bemusement at the cult-like phenomenon that Starbucks has become. It is posted at the the Fan District Hub, which is the new community blog for the Fan District.

“Just before 9, I set off for Starbucks on Robinson Street clutching a piece of paper that read: ‘Venti Nonfat Misto’

“I have no idea what that means. Since my personal vices do not include an addiction to caffeine, so I’ve never bothered to learn Starbucks-speak. All I know is that you can just walk up the counter and ask for a small cup of coffee. You have to ask for a, uh, well – I don’t know what they call it...”

Click here to read Poole’s “Speaking Starbucks.”
Illustration by F.T. Rea

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