Monday, June 26, 2006

Runaway Train

Tonight, listening to a pissed off Rep. Curt Weldon (R-Pa.) obfuscate was too galling. Watching him on PBS, taking the Bush side of yet another worrisome story about the power-grasping White House abusing more time-honored American principles -- in the name of fighting a permanent war on terrorists -- pushed me over the top.

In this case the patter and jive was about the just-outed program, to do with tracking funds, by stories in the New York Times and other newspapers.

Well, enough is enough: There’s no denying it, the presidency of George W. Bush is a runaway train.

So, let's forget about who you voted for. Forget about conservatives vs. liberals. This is no longer a matter of ideology, or religion, or democracy. It’s about pure incompetence. This is an administration that craves/demands total power, forever, without any questioning of its methods or goals, whatsoever.

If you question this rigid mindset, Karl Rove claims you’re a wuss.

That's rich, the prissy Karl Rove calling anybody a wuss. Of course, his ilk asserts they're so damn conservative and so utterly masculine, they're about to explode out of their skins.

No, they don’t want the New York Times letting us know what's what. So, angry Curt Weldon played team-ball on television and semi-convincingly spewed faux righteous indignation, on cue.


I can't stand it, anymore. Democrats should all run their campaigns this year on the importance of taking over control of congress, so they can immediately impeach George Bush and Dick Cheney. Enough of half-steps.

Enough of playing it safe, and trying to be Republican Lite: It’s time to push all the political chips to the middle of the table. Scared money never wins.

Until now, I’ve stayed away from the movement to impeach George Bush. I've thought it was mostly to pay back the Republicans who impeached Bill Clinton, and subsequently stole the election in 2000. That seemed mostly like sour grapes to me.

But after watching they way the Bush White House has reacted in recent months to the working press merely doing its job, I’m convinced the impeachment and conviction of both Bush and Cheney will be good for America. Let's clear the air. Frankly, I’ll take what follows.

This strategy would make George Bush the issue in every race, coast-to-coast. That, instead of who's a liberal, or a true bible-thumper, or a flip-flopper, or more of an insider, etc. There should only be one basic issue this fall -- impeachment. Let's see Rove deal with that.

Democrats, Libertarians, Greens, let’s seize the moment. It’s there. Let’s restore the balance of powers, while we still have a bloody Constitution.


fritz said...

Re: General Lee

It's pretty obvious that you haven't a clue as to the number of good men who died because of Lee's stubborness and unwillingness to surrender when there was no other option. Every statue ever erected to commemorate him should be brought down exactly like Hussein's statue came down. Lee doen't deserve anything except boos and hisses for his behavior.

F.T. Rea said...


I hope you're enjoying your buzz, but are you sure you've got the right number?

Brad Tucker said...

Hell, yes and Amen.

bruce said...

General Lee was not the Commander in Chief.