Friday, June 23, 2006

As the Boondoggle Turns

When Save Richmond says something "smells funny" here, Richmonders should take a deep breath and see if they get a whiff of something troubling, too. At this point, Save Richmond’s credibility should be top shelf.

In “Paging Michael Shear” Don Harrison is once again stirring the pot. I think he’s right, if he’s saying a lot of “journalists” turned a blind eye to the story of what was wrong with the Virginia Performing Arts Foundation’s scheme for a long time. And, now some are still doing it. Perhaps we should now ask why?

Note: I know from personal experience that some publishers in Richmond were quite skittish about running any story that so much as even questioned the wisdom of the VAPAF in 2004, and early 2005. Were it not for the work of Save Richmond, I truly wonder if the shaky aspects of the VAPAF’s far-flung scheme would have come to light in time enough to stave off another 6th Street Marketplace-like disaster.

If Michael Shear is in Richmond to cover state politics for the Washington Post, why wouldn’t he be all over a new story about VAPAF Boondoggle II, funded by Virginia tax dollars?

If Save Richmond is worried, so am I.

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