Friday, June 02, 2006

A quiz not for everybody

Here’s a harmless weekend game for those who want to play. Vote by using the comments option below. Expanded commentary about why this choice or that is welcome, up to some point. Better funny than strident.

It's a game, a playful quiz for some, but not everybody. OK, here goes -- ten years from now, George W. Bush’s presidency will most be remembered for:

A. Its successful preemptive war policy as applied to Iraq
B. Its utterly disastrous war in Iraq
C. Its prudent handling of the peoples’ money
D. Its debt
E. Its muscular, pro-business approach to protecting the environment
F. Its tragic and irresponsible stewarding of natural resources, when it knew better
G. Its corporate-wise policy regarding undocumented workers -- cheap labor
H. Its clueless lack of leadership on policy regarding immigration
I. Its rallying of the wounded American spirit after 9/11
J. Its shameless exploitation of American fear after 9/11
K. Its solving of the anthrax-in the-mail-case
L. Its pardoning of Scooter Libby, Kenny Boy Lay and a list of other mischief-makers
M. Your choice. Please explain.

Rather than make the list longer, SLANTblog is inviting readers to be creative. What do you think Dubya will be most remembered for ten years from now?
Illustration: F. T. Rea


Anonymous said...


both the King's English and captured Muslims.

Triscula said...

He'll be most remembered for his embrace of neo-conservative political ideology and the tremendous damage that was done to US credibility and influence in the world. In his attempt to spread western style democracy via such tactics, he will have actually diminished the US' potential to accomplish that goal.

Anonymous said...

Remember that pretzel that knocked #43 out? Nothing since has topped it.