Saturday, June 03, 2006

Goldman: Bloggers over-the-top attacks on Miller

Longtime Democratic strategist Paul Goldman says:

"The Blogging community, led by RaisingKaine among others, has taken credit -- along with Jarding and Mudcat -- for getting Jim Webb into the Senate race, in good measure by over-the-top personal attacks against Harris Miller. Some were Nasty. By not condemning these attacks, the Webb campaign strategists, in effect, endorsed this as part of their strategy, figuring they could keep it at arms distance."

So, SLANTblog is not the only place you can read that Webb’s bloggers are playing a somewhat dubious role in this race. Other Democrats fear an angry/arrogant face has been put on the whole Webb campaign by attack dog bloggers that may hobble him on June 13th. Others question the puzzling strategy of Webb's rather lackluster campaign, so far. To read Goldman’s comments on the Democratic primary -- Harris Miller vs. Jim Webb -- click on this link to a Tidewater blog, Bearing Drift.
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Anonymous said...

thank god for these Webb bloggers. Webb doesn't have enough money to respond to attacks, so they've really filled that void effectively and driven up Miller's negatives.