Wednesday, March 29, 2006

Webb Endorsed by Clark

The Daily Press reports: “Gen. Wesley Clark, former democratic presidential candidate and NATO Supreme Allied commander, today endorsed Jim Webb in his race for the U.S. Senate.”

According to Webb's campaign web site, Clark said, “Jim Webb is a real leader Virginians can count on. He will put the interests of the people of this great state first and will take his fight to the floor of the Senate. He won't back down from any challenge and he will focus on the job he is elected to do. The people of Virginia deserve a full-time Senator and there is no doubt Jim Webb is the most qualified person for the job. Jim is the only candidate with the experience and skills to broaden our party and defeat George Allen.”

This news buffs Webb’s already impressive military/public service credentials. It’s also easy to believe that Virginians who were attracted to the retried four-star general’s 2004 run for the presidency will probably like Webb.
Photo from Webb campaign web site


Webb Defeats Allen said...

Even more interesting, there are probably thousands of Clark supporters who have yet to become energized in the Webb campaign.

If some of the Clarkies become die-hard Webb-slingers, Webb's massive grassroots support will snowball.

Greg Priddy said...

As a Clark supporter myself, who volunteered for his 2003-4 presidential campaign, I saw a *lot* of familiar faces there at the event this morning -- which is a very good sign.

Chesty said...

Between Bob Kerrey's support and now Gen. Clark's, this is starting to get ugly. How much longer is Miller going to stick around?