Saturday, March 04, 2006

CAA Saturday

Friday's Results:
Delaware 52, Drexel 49 (an upset)
Northeastern 74, JMU 56
Ga. State 72, Towson 64 (another upset)
VCU 62, Wm. & Mary 59 (whew!)

Diminutive guard Herman Favors (No. 50) paced Ga. State's upset of Towson with his 20 points. Heading into the second day of CAA competition at the Coliseum the top performers on the winning teams from Friday’s opening round games, stats-wise, were:

Harding Nana (Delaware) - 16 points, six rebounds, three blocks
Shawn James (Northeastern) - 24 points, nine rebounds, nine blocks
Jose Juan Barea (Northeastern) - 17 points, seven rebounds, 12 assists
Herman Favors (Ga. State) - 20 points, four rebounds, seven assists
Jesse Pellot-Rosa (VCU) - 10 points, five rebounds, three steals

Today's (Saturday) Schedule:

12 p.m. - UNC-W vs.Delaware
2:30 p.m. - ODU vs. Northeastern
6 p.m. - GMU vs.Ga. State
8:30 p.m. - Hofstra vs. VCU

Prediction No. 1: Every smart CAA fan in town, except Hoftra's, will be rooting for VCU on Saturday night. Nobody wants to play the Pride.
Photo credit: CAA

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