Saturday, March 04, 2006

Laura Loe

Last night I saw an usual art opening at the Rentz Gallery, at 1700 W. Main St.: “The Spirit of Life.” It was unusual because there was so much recently-done art from just one artist. And, it was unusual because I liked it all so much, without any reservation. The Laura Loe show was a knock-out. The overflowing crowd was interesting, too.

Laura Loe (do click on her site's link to see more) is an artist who has hit her stride. Her confidently composed paintings explode off the wall. And, get this -- they sold off the wall, too. Loe's paintings were still selling like hotcakes when I left the gallery.

With the opening of the Andrew Havenhand show at Main Art, one block to the east (also last night), suddenly the Fan District art gallery scene seems to be holding its own against other parts of town.

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