Tuesday, March 21, 2006

Bird Flu Is Punishment?

Is God going medieval over same-sex marriage?

Pat Robertson, a well-known American preacher with his own TV show, has said that God sometimes sends storms to punish certain wicked places that don’t do enough to limit homosexuality. Heaven forbid, gays should marry one another! Thus, in Robertson's view, Hurricane Katrina hit a bulls-eye in devastating New Orleans.

As a man of the cloth, who wouldn't just make stuff up, Robertson shakes his jowls and says he gets his weather reports directly from God. (See image above)

Does this worry Robertson's followers? Nope, fundraising is better than ever. Now, in another sign that the postmodern God's pendulum is swinging retro on punishments in the new millennium, a “prominent sage,” Rabbi David Basri, who preaches a form of Jewish mysticism called Kabbalah, has pinned the spread of bird flu in Isreal to God’s punishing far-left political parties which have been “strengthening and encouraging homosexuality.”

Spring has sprung, snow is in the forecast for the Fan District today, and somewhere it must be raining frogs...

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