Friday, March 17, 2006

James River Film Festival

The Richmond Times-Dispatch’s movie reviewer Dan Neman previews the 13th James River Film Festival, which runs from Monday, Mar. 20 throiugh Sunday, Mar. 26 (events are at vaious locations):

"The James River Film Festival has never been mainstream. It has always been on the fringes, showing independent, artistic and experimental movies to the small but dedicated art film crowds. This year, the festival's 13th, is no different. The films to be shown from Monday through March 26 tend to provoke extreme reactions, whether favorable or not. One of the guest speakers, Ray Harryhausen, has come to be revered after a career during which he pleased his fans more than the critics, who often found his films schlocky and cheesy..."

For anyone interested in volunteering to work with the Richmond Moving Image Coop during the week-long festival the chance is still there, if you act quickly. The message below is from the RMIC:

Volunteers only need to work one event to receive their volunteer pass and obtain free admission to all festival events! A volunteer meeting will be held Sunday, March 19 at 4:00 p.m. at Plant Zero. You will need to sign up for volunteer slots before attending this meeting.

Kirsten Hirsch, Volunteer Coordinator:

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