Friday, April 18, 2008

Missing silverware found in Mayor's pocket

In yet another puzzling turn, Mayor Doug Wilder’s office confirmed today in a terse email that his dry cleaner had indeed found the ancient Governor’s Mansion silverware that mysteriously disappeared in 1992, during Wilder’s term as governor. Furthermore, the nearly-100-year-old service for 24 has been returned.

Would-be attempts to reach anyone at City Hall to answer questions on these amazing revelations have so far been unsuccessful.

Off the record, a source close to unnamed members of Wilder’s staff said Hizzoner (pictured above) had sent an old sharkskin suit out to be cleaned. Whereupon, someone at the dry cleaning operation discovered the ornate set of silver eating tools in a coat pocket.

The same source suggested Wilder never looked in the side pockets of his jackets, and plenty of people knew that, so there’s no telling who could have stashed the knives, forks, spoons, corncob holders, and so forth, in one of them ... or why.

-- Words and photo by F.T. Rea

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Paul said...

How did you take this picture of Hizzoner?