Tuesday, April 08, 2008

Fan restaurants of yesteryear

It seems some folks like to remember old dives, eateries and clubs that were once a part of the Fan District's restaurant scene. A recent post on the topic has drawn some extra interest.

So, to have more fun with that premise, here is a list of ten such establishments. The reader's job is say where the places were, and of course, say whatever they like about what they remember about them. Where were these Fan District businesses that served food and drink located?:
  • Andy's Camelot Room?
  • The Back Door?
  • The Briefcase?
  • Chelf's Drug Store?
  • The Fan Grill?
  • Go-Nella's?
  • The Lamplighter?
  • One-on-One?
  • Rockitz?
  • The Step Down?


Anonymous said...

The Lamplighter - My best recollection from 30 years ago is that this dark, cozy restaurant, featuring northern Italian fare, was located on Lombardy, between Grove & Hanover (same block as Bogart's). Using Google maps Street View feature on that block I see a building that looks like the one I remember, although it now has a much lighter paint job. It also has two gas lamps out front, which was a signature feature of the restaurant.

Ernie Brooks
Washington, DC

Bruce said...

Now I realize that I've been gone so long, that I can't remember street names. I can picture place's exteriors in my head, but I can't recall many of the streets. If you've got Rockitz on there (Harrison?), you should have the Pass as well.

F.T. Rea said...


The Lamplighter was at 214 N. Lombardy. You had the right block. That location now is home to a restaurant call Si.


Rockitz was at Laurel and Broad. In a earlier incarnation it was the String Factory. The Pass was couple of doors to the west of that corner.

bruce said...

Thanks. I remember seeing the Flying Burrito Brothers at String Factory just after Gram Parsons left.

Anonymous said...

Chelf's was on the corner of Grace and Shafer--great old-fashioned drug store, never saw anyone eat there. Andy's Camelot Room was a door or two north of Chelf's on Grace. I learned to drink beer there, prior to Dooley's weekend at the 712 W. Franklin dorm. In the mid-sixties it was owned by a guy named Briggs Elliott. Great guy, must have made a ton, since he worked long hours making money but never had the time to spend it.