Thursday, April 10, 2008

Grant not going to LSU

Good news for VCU men's basketball fans: What has been regarded by many observers as the most serious threat to lure Rams head coach Anthony Grant away from the Broad Street-based program apparently ended today, as indicated by this headline from AP: “LSU chooses Johnson as basketball coach.”

LSU was expected to introduce Stanford’s Trent Johnson, who led the Cardinal to the round of 16 in this year’s NCAA tournament, as its new coach Thursday — the day he had been scheduled to meet with Stanford’s athletic director to discuss a new contract…

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Remember when the local hoops know-it-alls were saying Grant would surely leave VCU, to take one of the two Southeastern Conference openings, either at LSU or South Carolina?

Now both of those jobs have been filled and Grant has simply kept doing his job at VCU, while making no comments to the press about any other positions at any other schools.

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