Sunday, December 02, 2007

'Skins season fades away

The 17-16 loss the Washington Redskins sustained today to the Buffalo Bills ranks among the bitterest defeats this lifelong ‘Skins fan has witnessed.

Click here for the recap and box score from AP.

Given the distracting turmoil the team has been through this week, with the shocking murder of its star defensive back Sean Taylor, there was no telling how the Redskins would perform. As it turned out, the team wasn’t much different from what it’s been for too much of this season -- it proved to be its own worst enemy with the game on the line. Washington spit out an 11-point second-half lead.

In what was a puzzling development Washington’s head coach, Joe Gibbs, facilitated the deciding points by calling an illegal timeout, which resulted in a 15-yard penalty and made the Bills’ pivotal field goal attempt a chip-shot instead of a long-shot.

No doubt, Gibbs, a bona fide sports saint in DeeCee, made a mistake that will haunt him the rest of his career as a pro football coach. That he could commit such an error is understandable, given the bizarre stress he’s been under this week. But, as a professional, he let his team down.

My gut feeling is that Gibbs’ stellar coaching career is all but over. He will probably finish the season ... or, maybe not. This loss will be hard for him to take.

At 5-7, losers of four in a row, the slumping Redskins will have to become a different team to win any of their remaining four games this season.

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