Thursday, December 20, 2007

Buy local ... give 'em off-the-wall stuff

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The Texas-Wisconsin Cafe, Robert E. Lee, Rush Limbaugh, the Biograph, Doug Wilder, and a shapely derriere. Hmm ... what could they have in common?

The answer in this case is that they are names/words that create pictures. Read on.

Stumped over what to buy that certain someone for a gift? Or, maybe you're wondering what to buy for your own damn self, but can't do the mall?

Perhaps the answer for you is to buy some off-beat local art from a guy who needs the dough.

Click here to visit Rea's Off-the-Wall Art. Looking is free. Maybe you'll see something you'd like to have/give. The prices are set at the starving artist level that makes buying easier. 'Tis the season. Call (804) 359-4864, or email

And, try visiting Rea's Off-the-Wall Art, again, as more stuff will be added soon.


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