Thursday, December 06, 2007

Humes: Keep your holiday shopping local

At RVANews, with "Five Ways to Keep Your Holiday Shopping Local," Pete Humes is feeling the holiday spirit, of course, in his own way.
...Only the genuinely poor and pathologically cynical won’t spend money on gifts this year. The rest of us will bitch and moan and make empty promises to “get creative” and “thrifty,” but we’ll end up mumbling to ourselves as we click deeper into debt filling our shopping carts on Amazon.

(Don’t blink, because I’m about to segue effortlessly from “holiday rant” to “snarky, listy thing.”)

The way I figure it, if we’re going to spend money for the sake of spending money, we can at least make it make a difference. Why not thumb our collective nose at the big companies and turn this holiday into a hometown affair? Spend your money on small Richmond businesses and keep the cash in circulation.
Click here to read Pete’s list, and please pay extra attention to the part where he says to buy art from local artists. (Yes, I have some art for sale.)


Al said...

Sounds all good and well, and I for one will be buying local for Christmas. I think that most people who participate in the Richmond blog community, and regular readers of indie media are more apt to buy local in the first place. So what I'm trying to say is maybe that Humes is preaching to the converted.

How do we reach the rest of Richmond?

F.T. Rea said...


Sometimes the converted need reminders, too. Ease has always been seductive.