Friday, December 14, 2007

Six Barbies riding on a reindeer


The 55-year life of rock 'n' roll songstress Christine Ann Gibson was celebrated/memorialized this afternoon at Hollywood Cemetery. The crowd assembled for the sunlit occasion was exactly what should have been expected -- lots of graying baby boomers, many of them musicians or players in some way in Richmond's Fan District-based live music scene 25-to-30 years ago. It was a splendid turnout.

Richmond's music scene in the late-'70s/early-'80s was quite lively. There were some pretty good bands based here then and several clubs in the Fan District featured live music nearly every night. Within that realm there were lots of punk rock bands that played in those places; BEEX, the band the Chris fronted (for 30 years), was one of the better known groups when punk ruled.

The ceremony was uplifting, there was genuine laughter. Even applause. Kudos to Rev. A.C. Miles for her keen understanding of the specific context in which she was operating. Her deft touch was praiseworthy.

The photo above, of six Barbies riding on a reindeer, was part the display remembering Chris. It recalled the audacious Barbies Garden presentation in her yard that both amused and baffled her neighbors.

-- words and photo by F.T. Rea


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