Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Unwrapped Fish

Upon reading the recent news of Richmond Times-Dispatch Editorial Page Editor Ross Mackenzie’s retirement, I smiled. An era is passing.

For over 35 years, with relish, Mackenzie has been heaping his throwback takes on the issues of the day onto the pages of Richmond's daily newspapers. The longtime editor/writer understood his target audience, he served it well. In all that time he never lost his ability to ruffle my lefty feathers. Yeah, I'll give him that.

So, I feel compelled to salute Mackenzie's tenacity and skill as a wordsmith. The next time I find a fish badly in need of wrapping, now what will I do?

-- Illustration by F.T. Rea


Scott said...

Good riddance.

Personally, I would not even give him the satisfaction of noticing his retirement.

His hypocrisy regarding taxes should bury him: He's against tax increases except when it benefits his friends in the Virginia Performing Arts Foundation.

I can appreciate a good, conservative opinion, but his was the worst.

F.T. Rea said...


You're right about his support for the performing arts center scam, er, I mean scheme. So, let's say Ross knew well where his bread was buttered.

But he's hardly the only "situational conservative" around. The weeds are full of them. They are all for states rights, but in truth they are only when it suits them. When it comes to some issues, such as medical marijuana, they switch to wanting the feds to make the call. They are for letting the free market settle things, but when they can get a subsidy at the expense of the taxpayers that changes it.

Don't get me started...

-- Terry

C.S. Barrios said...

Ross Mackenzie writes: "but it's unrealistic for an editorial writer to think that by the sheer power of his argument and the clarity of his writing, he is going to persuade a vast number of readers."

i hope he isn't referring to himself. i mean, that bow.tied, prose-torturing dirigible isn't fit to hold Mencken's chamberpot...