Saturday, May 13, 2006

Conspicuous Absences

In a few words this post, "Empty Spaces", at Three Wheels, says a lot:

"Fan District residents know that today was the Strawberry Street Festival. This event is a lot of fun for the neighborhood and the kids who attend Fox Elementary School (which benefits from much of the proceeds). This year we are missing some good people. Bryan and Kathy Harvey and their daughters aren't here this year. Kathy had organized the games at the festival for the past couple of years. Bryan helped with the week long run-up to the event with his goofy Elvis impersonation act, which he performed for the kids as they made their way to their classrooms in the morning. Obviously, Stella was a student here. She's gone too. No doubt her pals are thinking about the empty space she's left behind. Their absence is hard to miss.

"This year the proceeds from the children's games and activities were donated to the Harvey Family Memorial Fund. More info on that is available here."

The painting above is by Laura Loe, it appears on the Harvey family memorial page. For more background from SLANTblog on the Harvey family click here.

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