Wednesday, May 03, 2006

Owner for Nationals Named

The Associated Press reports that the process to select the new owner of baseball’s redheaded stepchild, the Washington Nationals, has finally run its course.

“Major League Baseball at long last picked someone to buy the Washington Nationals, choosing a group that's led by real estate developer Theodore Lerner and includes former Atlanta Braves executive Stan Kasten. ‘This has been a long journey. ... While I do apologize for the time, I think history will prove it maybe was time well spent,’ commissioner Bud Selig said Wednesday in announcing the $450 million agreement.”

When Commissioner Selig says, “it maybe was,” what the hell does that mean? OK, when it comes to Selig I must confess that what the man really means on any topic is usually a mystery to me. If there’s been a worse commissioner of any professional sport in my lifetime, right now his name escapes me.

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